The last time you kept a diary was presumably in center school, and the things you put in there had nothing to do with poker. Anyway, you might be pondering, what does keeping a diary have to do with my poker vocation?

Truly just few Texas Hold’em PG SOFT players really keep a poker diary, however I believe it’s probably the most ideal method for monitoring your excursion in each possible angle.

I know keeping a poker diary has helped me and some extremely effective poker players work on their game over the long haul, so I needed to tell you more with regards to the thought.

Assuming you need to improve as a poker player, continue perusing and discover how keeping a poker diary can help you, just as what precisely you ought to write in it.

I will turn out probably the most ideal approaches to really keep your diary and the different points you can place in it.

You don’t need to do everything, except discover what assists you with staying aware of the ideas you are learning and, in particular, hold any shifting to the base.

How Do I Keep a Poker Journal?

So before I go into the particular things you could be recording in your poker journal, we should ponder how to keep one in any case.

Normally, since you are likely playing a decent lump of your poker on the web, you might be enticed to just open up a text document and continue to compose.

I for one believe that is not the most ideal approach.

There isn’t anything that can supplant a pleasant scratch pad with hardcovers for keeping a diary, for poker, or in any case.

I recommend getting an overall quite thick scratch pad that will last you some time. On the off chance that you can observe one with a poker topic on the cover, far better, yet it truly will not change the eventual outcome.

I feel that keeping a diary with pen and paper beats composing on your PC since you need to put yourself into it more. For me expressly, perusing from paper has consistently been more significant than perusing from a PC screen.

Following Your Bankroll and Gameplay Sessions

Assuming you are seeming to be a fruitful poker player, you ought to devote a portion of your opportunity to playing poker and some of it to concentrating on the game. In the event that you don’t study, it is truly difficult to improve through interactivity alone.

In any case, following your ongoing interaction in your diary will likewise be vital. The method for doing it is to make a diary section each time you play a meeting, on the web or live.

Whenever you are finished playing, start a diary passage. You can compose the surmised number of poker hands or competitions played, the stakes, the outcomes, and a few things you took from the meeting.

As far as I can tell, there are normally a few things that stick in my mind soon after the meeting.

I might recall a hand I played downright terrible or understand that I was 3-wagering excessively or feigning a lot of post-flop. As time passes by, I will more often than not disregard these things.

This is the reason expound on your meetings following you are finished playing. You can even open up your tracker and investigate your hands while recording a few things that stick out onto the page.

When you are finished with your entrance, you might have recorded several key hands, just as a significant idea that you considered to be hazardous in that specific meeting.


This may not appear to be too helpful for the time being, however after you are finished playing through numerous meetings, you will have a full once-over of things that gave you a migraine in each.

Re-perusing the old posts once seven days will help you handle what it is that you want to zero in on in your review meetings.

The critical thing here, nonetheless, is to be exceptionally legitimate with yourself. All things considered, you are the one in particular who will understand this!

Something else to monitor in your poker diary ought to be your rewards and misfortunes. Regardless of whether you are not keeping a totally independent poker bankroll, which I suggest you do, you will have a reasonable method for following your successes and misfortunes along these lines.

Following Your Poker Study Sessions

On your excursion to turning into a triumphant poker player who can beat higher stakes games, you should do a great deal of contemplating. This is the kind of thing that you can’t work around, and assuming you think your present poker abilities are sufficient to beat each game perpetually, you are essentially mixed up.

When you understand the significance of examining, the stunt will be to sort out the most ideal method for doing it. There are many review strategies accessible nowadays, and a considerable lot of them are legitimate.

For example, watching instructional classes can be an extraordinary method for finding out with regards to new ideas, while concentrating on your own meetings can be a decent method for beginning carrying out those ideas into your own game.

Keeping a steady poker diary can assist you with monitoring what you have been realizing and provide you with an unmistakable thought of how to push ahead with your review meetings.

For example, assuming you have seen an extraordinary video about a significant poker idea, for example, building your 3-wagering range in the little visually impaired against opens from different positions, you can record your perspective on the point and what you discovered that day.

Then, at that point, whenever you are concentrating on your hands, you can allude back to the diary and look at how you played in the real meeting.

Your review meeting notes are additionally an extraordinary material for your week after week diary perusing. I prescribe returning to late posts each week and helping yourself to remember the pieces of your game you should put a weighty spotlight on.


Obviously, keep a good overall arrangement between the game and the remainder of your life. Try not to turn out to be excessively devoured by every last bit of it.

You ought to consistently set aside some opportunity to have a good time and unwind, regardless of whether you do it playing on the web pokies, watching a film on Netflix, spending time with your companions, or going for a loosening up stroll in nature. A good arrangement is similarly as significant for your drawn out progress as keeping a poker diary.

Keeping away from Tilt with Your Poker Journal

Poker is a game that expects you to dominate various things, however the one that the vast majority battle with is the psychological distraction.

Regardless of whether you are playing low-stakes SNGs, high-stakes cash games, or live competitions, keeping a straight head and making the right plays despite misfortune is which isolates the first class players from most of us.

Assuming you are simply beginning, you might have the option to rapidly get the ideas important to beat the lower-stakes games.

Nonetheless, regardless of whether you are adequate to win, you should beat slant to really do it, and this can be an enormous test.

The fluctuation may simply be the greatest mental adversary of all poker players, and all things considered, it ought to be tended to appropriately.

Each time you play a meeting, I suggest pondering the hands you played and what it was that made you win or lose cash.

Is it safe to say that you were making a great deal of sets and flushes? Is it safe to say that you were reliably sucked out on? These are genuine inquiries that will listen for a minute you really want to work on in your game.

Be straightforward with yourself and expound on it in your diary. Assuming that you played actually seriously during your meeting, expound on it. We as a whole had those meetings where we considered each 3-bet and 4-bet our adversaries tossed at us, and it never truly worked out.

Assuming you expound on your awful play and slant in your diary, it might help your psychological distraction extraordinarily later on.

At the point when you help yourself to remember the meetings where you shifted a few purchase ins away, you ought to be more mindful of this later on and will quite often stay away from similar errors.


Then again, assuming you don’t record it, the odds are you will forget about it, and when the following meeting rolls around, you will indeed believe that your game is perfect.

Severe Honesty Makes Perfection

Have you at any point seen a Phil Helmuth fit of rage on TV and snickered along as he continued to rehash he’s the most incredible on the planet in spite of being obviously defeated?

While you may not be saying such garbage so anyone can hear again and again, large numbers of us have been at real fault for thinking we are way better compared to we really are sooner or later.

Who can sincerely say they went into a poker game, accepting they were in the pack ability astute?

In all actuality you presumably have played in such a game, and you weren’t being straightforward with yourself at that point.

Trustworthiness is a significant piece of improving as a poker player, and particularly of keeping a substantial poker diary that will help you in your excursion to turning into a reliably winning player.


Toward the day’s end, composing something besides how you truly feel about your game into the diary would have neither rhyme nor reason. You are composing this for your own future reference, and trust me when I let you know that it can help significantly over the long haul.

Start Your Poker Journal Today

What are you hanging tight for? An opportunity to begin your own personal poker diary is today! I have referenced a portion of the things you could place in it, yet go ahead and be innovative and set it up any way you need.

Your poker diary will turn into your dearest companion on your excursion through various stakes, game sorts, and the personal disturbance that is inescapable in the realm of poker.

The mark of your diary is to assist you with working on your game, keep reliable with your bankroll, and abstain from shifting however much as could be expected. As far as I can tell, a poker diary can assist with every one of these things.

Regardless of whether you are not exactly certain how to keep your log, I suggest beginning for certain passages and just recording anything that rings a bell. As time passes by, you will improve at placing in the significant stuff, and your diary will begin to feel like a piece of your everyday practice.

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